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Skills developed by women & gender studies majors

Communication skills

  • Ability to formulate and defend positions
  • Ability to write detailed research papers and summarize concepts and ideas
  • Use vocabulary to suit a wide variety of audiences
  • Read and understand both primary and secondary sources
  • Explain concepts and strategies well enough in research papers to influence and persuade the reader

Research skills

  • Evaluate ideas and research
  • Gather information and data
  • Literature reviews using libraries and internet
  • Interpret research and data

Critical thinking/problem solving

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Ability to recognize assumptions and make inferences
  • Ability to create research designs

Interpersonal skills

  • Tolerance of different people and their views
  • Ability to understand difference and discover the intersections between racism, homophobia, sexism, classicism, and other forms of oppression
  • Knowledge about power relationships and injustice
  • Ability to accept intellectual and personal challenges, take a stand and support it with evidence
  • Ability to assess needs

Writing/editing skills

  • Reading and thinking critically; using unfamiliar materials and generating new ideas
  • Reading and analyzing a text
  • Perform a close reading of the text and provide an analysis of the passage
  • Able to argue or defend a position
  • Correct usage of grammar
  • Able to write clearly
  • Researcher