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WGS student Pierce Dignam, won an "Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award" for his "Mortality of People Engaged in Mental Health Court" presentation and the 2014 Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. "I worked with my mentor Annette Christy to compare the mortality of participants in the Broward County Mental Health Court with people in the Hillsborough County Jail who were similar in terms of mental illness, in order to see how participation in a mental health court could positively impact the mortality of these people. [The reasearch] indicated a possible issue with Florida’s mental health care and the need of mental health courts to address the physical health of their participants.

WGS GTA Kasie Holmes, was awarded a $100 travel grant for SEWSA 2014 at UNC Wilmington.

WGS MA Aubrey Hall, was accepted to present her paper 'If You Vagina Could Talk What Would It Say?: A Critical Analysis of the Dialogue Between First World and Third World Women as Mediated by the Vagina Monologues' at three conferences (lsited below under Conference Circuit section).

WGS MA student Mary Dickman, coauthored an article published in International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences titled “Exposure to Both Positive and Negative Pretrial Publicity Reduces or Eliminates Mock-Juror Bias”. The experiment examined how exposure to both negative (anti-defendant) and positive (pro-defendant) pretrial publicity (PTP) affects juror memory and verdicts.



WGS profs Jessie Turner and Kim Golombisky (pictured above) shared info and visited with students during the Office of Multicultural Affairs' Black Heritage Month Kickoff Celebration on Feb. 4 on the MLK Plaza. For more Black Heritage Month Celebration Events at USF, visit:



WGS MA student Heather Kozar, is interning this semester at Pay It Forward Farm in Spring Hill. Pay it Forward Farm is a multicultural organization that serves single mothers and their children by providing personal and professional development programs.

WGS MA students Samantha Heuwagen and Samira Obeid are volunteering with Matter of Cause, an organization known to bring knowledge to action through progressive activism. Samantha Heuwagen, an editorial intern, blogs on sex-positive topics. Samira Obeid, a creative content volunteer, works on multimedia visual projects representing diversity and equality.

Check out Dr. Jessie Turner’s new essay "Reconsidering the Relationship Between New Mestizaje and New Multiraciality as Mixed-Race Identity Models" in the inaugural issues of Journal of Critical Mixed Race Studies: She says she’s especially honored that her work appears along some foundational scholars of the field.




Southeastern Women’s Studies Association in Wilmington, March 27-29: WGS MA students Rakshinda Shah and Kasie Holmes are scheduled present papers on their research.

Provost Postdoctoral Symposium, "Global Change in a Dynamic World: Citizens, Places, Identities" March 28, at USF: WGS MAAubrey Hall will be presenting her paper.

16th Annual Feminist Graduate Student Association conference, "Feminist Approaches to Identity and Social Justice in a Globalized Era", March 21 on the Boca Raton campus of FAU: WGS MAAubrey Hall will be presenting her paper.

2014 ResaerhcOne Graduate Studenet Research Symposuim, March 17 at the Marshall Student Center Ballroom: WGS MAAubrey Hall will be presenting her paper.

photo of surviving students working hard

WGS Hosts “Thriving In Graduate School”, March 5:
WGS’ own Dr. Michelle Hughes Miller organized the event as “a conversation for women graduate students.” WGS’ Dr. Jessie Turner facilitated the conversation as a panelist, along with guests Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, Department of Sociology & the Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Dr. Sara Hykins Callahan, Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies.


WGS Affiliate Faculty Event:
An Evening With Angela Willey, Feb. 28:
WGS faculty hosted their affiliate faculty to dinner and a presentation by Angela Willey, assistant professor of women, gender, and sexuality studies. Currently spending a year at Rice as a humanities fellow, Willey spoke on “Biopossibility: A queer feminist materialist science studies manifesto, with special reference to the question of affiliative behavior,” a playful and speculative inquiry into feminist epistemology, the ‘new’ materialisms, queer theory, and monogamy.”

side profile of dowd hall dowd hall

Dr. Jacquelyn Dowd Hall,
USF Distinguished Scholar in Residence,
Vistis WGS, Feb. 27:
Dr. Hall engaged graduate students in a discussion of her published work as an oral historian. Dr. Hall, visiting from UNC-Chapel Hill, studies issues of gender, race, and labor in the South.

UMASS Prof Wows WGS Graduate Reserach Class, Feb. 27:
Special guest Dr. Angela Willey from UMass Amherst shared work in progress with an interdisciplinary group of USF graduate students during their Feminist Research Methods class. Willey, a friend of WGS Dr. David Rubin, offered a critique of new material feminism and talked about her fieldwork as a humanities student in a research laboratory studying monogamy/promiscuity in voles.

Eastern Sociological Society Conference in Baltimore, Feb. 20-23: WGS MA student Aubrey Hall presented, “Positioning Motherhood: Situating Foster Mothers in Motherhood.” WGS MA student Robyn Homer presented "I'm Just One Variable in a Complex Reproductive Equation: Egg Donors' Construction of Maternal Identity.”

Photo attached & Caption: WGS MA students Robyn Homer (left) and Aubrey Hall (right) meet Barbara Katz Rothman (center) a scholar medical sociology, bioethics, and gender scholar.

International Women’s Issues Conference in Orlando, Feb. 21-22: Rahi Dayerizadeh, WGS certificate student and doctoral student in International Affairs, presented “Trends in Feminsm in Contemporary Iran.” Samantha Heuwagen, WGS MA student, presented “Reproductive Rights in Argentina.” Kasie Holmes, WGS MA student, presented “A Rhetorical Analysis of the Use of ‘Bad Bitch’ in Hip Hop.”


Photo above: WGS graduate students Samantha Heuwagen (left) and Rahi Dayerizadeh (right) at the International Women’s Issues Conference in February.